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You have to give the White Nationalist Movement a little credit for the drama it produces. Violence, in-fighting, treachery, spying, deception, costumes, and a little side-splitting comedy all combine to make for great hard-copy and amusement.
Two of the movement's leading men have been bringing us some courtroom melodrama of late as well as some tragic tales from the crypt.

Interestingly, Hal Turner, whose recent trial ended with a hung jury and the promise of a new date with the judge in March, declared that he was not really part of the movement, after all. In fact, he was working with the FBI to incite violence and mayhem and to land those nasty little Nazi's in jail.

On the other hand, Bill White, whose latest trial starts today in Roanoke, VA, paints himself as a beleaguered, tortured, and falsely imprisoned martyr for the cause.

Of course, they both have their own versions of life behind bars and what led to their arrest.

White is banking on his comrades standing behind him in his time of need. All two of them. You see, what Bill doesn't understand is that while Hal Turner has become as welcome as the plague among those he called friends, Bill has achieved pariah status after he pretty much screwed over everyone of any import in his small little corner of the world.

But, being the showman that he is, he just knows that he can achieve star status once again. Hoping to gather his supporters in his time of need, Bill has been busy sending out letters - long, hand-written letters - in hopes that someone will notice him once again.

Up until recently, the only person who really paid much attention to anything Bill had to say was federal informant Frazier Glenn Miller who just couldn't wait to publish Bill's words on VNN. A couple of days ago, Alex Linder, another agent provocateur, decided to bite. Linder published one of White's amplified harangues. As usual, everyone is to responsible for his current predicament but himself. Of course, it just all lends itself well to the production.

After reading this script, one of the players named, stepped forward and sent a response to Daryle Lamont Jenkins over at One People's Project. Michael Burks, a former member and regional director for White's ANSWP group, has taken issue with many of the accusations made, as have I. The letter, in it's entirety is posted below with some of Burk's and my responses.

NOVEMBER 16, 2009


I'm sending you this because, while I have shared the story of my arrest and detention with several newspapers, I have not given the full story to anyone who may be willing to publish it in an uncensored form. I thought you may have that intent - you are certainly the most widely read of those who might.

I have seen very little of the press surrounding my case, but am aware what the government has said about me. The truth, which is that the government has attempted to infiltrate and use the American National Socialist Workers Party as a terrorist organization, repeatedly failed to set me up, and, in failing, decided to arrest me and brutalize me into confessing to crimes I didn't commit. Such is the new 'kwa.
NICHOLS: As we have seen with folks like David Gletty and Hal Turner, infiltration is an easy task. However, whether or not Bill White was "set ip" has not yet been shown. The fact that charges were dismissed in Chicago simply indicates that the case wasn't strong enough to go to trial.

In early 2007, a government task force was erected in Washington to prosecute me, probably in response to my publishing of Eric Hunt's statement on the kidnapping of Elie Wiesel. By mid-2007, no later than July, Michael Burks, my Midwestern Regional Director, was working in the employ of an as-yet unnamed private anti-racist group, deliberately disrupting my activities and alienating other members of the group. Two others with similar agendas -- Justin Boyer and Tim Bland -- I was able to identify; Burks clung on right about to the end.
BURKS: I was never part of any anti-racist group. Even as I type this I am not working with anyone. If there was a government task force, this is news to me.

In September 2007, the government began active disruption of my activities in response to the Jena 6 campaign. The first effort to frame me came with the staged "hate crime" in October of that year.

The group Citizens Against Hate, working with the Roanoke NAACP, solicited a local crack dealer and pimp to attack me while driving down the street. Whether or not the FBI and DOJ were in on planning that attack is unclear. However, they were behind the "deal" offered me by the Commonwealth of Virginia to drop all charges against both of us. I demanded trial, and, as reported in the paper, the crack dealer was convicted and I was acquitted. Had I accepted the deal to drop all state changes, DOJ lawyers were in the courtroom waiting to charge me with "hate crimes" that they knew to be fraudulent. I dodged that bullet.
NICHOLS: This is typical Bill White bullshit. No one solicited anyone to attack Bill. No one planned for him to get into that fracas, His paranoia is showing and he wants to point the finger at someone. He has accused me and Citizens Against Hate of all sorts of things for years. The NAACP there wouldn't not have gotten involved in anything that sleazy nor would CAH.This is just Bill White trying to involve everyone else in his mess of his own making.

In response, in January 2008, a phony civil suit was brought against me to use civil process to try to fish out criminal evidence. A series of bogus subpoenas, all eventually quashed or modified by the courts, were filed against me to attempt to gain access to my computers, and two acts of bogus criminal complaints were sworn out against me in Norfolk, Virginia, for allegedly "threatening" lawyers involved in prosecution of "civil rights" cases. As reported in the "Stellman opinion" [Ed - not sure if Stellman or Stillman] (In Re: William A. White ED Va 2008) [Ed - again, not entirely sure here - 'ED'], those complaints were dismissed as protected speech.

But here is where the investigation began in earnest.

Mike Burks, Dan Jones, Phil Anderson, Robert Campbell and probably others unknown were first approached by FBI agents in late March and early April 2008, just prior to our Chicago dinner. By no later than that time, Burks, who was to be the star witness against me in Chicago, became a formal federal informer. Robert Campbell, who did not become an informer, was approached by two agents who told him they knew I was not committing crimes but wanted me to be, and was further told he'd be paid a large sum of money and "set up for life" if he would commit or aid an FBI agent in committing a violent act of domestic terrorism and frame me for it. When he threatened to turn this information over to me, the FBI told him he'd be physically harmed if he shared his story. And so the tone was set for this investigation.
BRUKS: Wow, tons of lies here. I was not a “star witness”. I, along with Phil Anderson and others were called to Chicago no different than we were for Roanoke. They only talked to me about a letter filled with lies that Bill had sent me; nothing more. I was not then, and not now, a federal informer. If so, I am still waiting on that nice check from Uncle Sam.

NICHOLS: In fairness, there is a difference between a coerced informant and a paid informant. Whether Mike or others gave up any information or not is unknown. However, as you can see, Bill is doing the same thing he has always done - padding his own self-importance while tearing down and outing anyone he perceives as being his enemy. He has done it to every group he has ever been with.

From April 2008 through October 2008, Michael Burks and others recorded my phone calls, sidestepping the wiretap law. I was approached by at least seven individuals on the government payroll who asked me to commit crimes with them. One posed as a fellow just out of the army, said he "had weapons and people" and "was ready to go" to commit a terrorist act in the Seattle area. I told him never to talk to me again. Another pretended to be an investor, "Michael Klein," who DIP-funded [Ed - not sure 'DIP' is right] Chapter 11 estates. He had me going until he suggested I do an illegal insider trade involving a partnership owned by an offshore corporation I would control. I told him that was illegal and to never call me again. In fact, during my case in Chicago, the government tried to "lose" dozens of hours of tape of me telling people I didn't want to commit crimes.
BURKS: I never recorded a single call, the FBI did through Skype. I have always used dial up and therefore, never had Skype.

NICHOLS: How does Michael Burks know that the FBI used Skype to record Bill's telephone calls and what does not having Skype and using dial-up have to do with this situation?

There is also a stack of witness reports from me consisting of FBI agents banging on my door and being told I didn't want to speak to them, and reports of agents following my car, six inches from the back bumper, trying to push me off the road and force me to talk to them -- once while my then eight-month-old daughter was riding in the back seat. That agent recorded himself saying he didn't care if babies died because he was going to "get" me.

So, with this background, we come to my arrest, torture, detention and eventual acquittal in Chicago, and the case that is now being dismissed in Roanoke.

In September 2008, I announced my intent to publish the now infamous "Kill This Nigger?" magazine, which included an article on Mark Hoffman, a tainted juror and jury foreman in the Matt Hale trial. If you've seen the online version of the magazine, you'll know the cover article was on the need the Jewish media had to incite "white supremacists" to assassinate Obama to complete his deification, not a screed inviting violence. We now know though, through discovery, that a member of Obama's campaign staff contacted Patrick Fitzgerald, the US Attorney for Chicago, to demand my arrest.

The more substantial reason for my arrest, though, was my article exposing the fact the US Attorney's Office in Chicago, in cooperation with [Matt] Hale's attorney, Thomas Durkin, fixed the jury by placing Hoffman, the homosexual Jew with the black boyfriend, on it. While in Chicago, my investigative staff spoke to a former employee of Durkin who confirmed that Durkin threw the case and worked with Fitzgerald to railroad Hale.
NICHOLS: Matt Hale, would certainly like to hear Bill be able to substantiate this claim. White had better hope that he can produce that "former employee" of Durkin's. Of course we are all well aware that Bill White had no "investigative staff." It certainly seems that all this time spent in jail hasn't taught him anything about much of anything. I'm certain that these exaggerations aren't lost on anyone within the movement. We're right back to business as usual with Bill White.

To stop publication of the magazine, I was arrested October 17, 2008, on a trumped-up warrant of solicitation of a violent felony against a federal juror. On two occasions prior to my arrest, the FBI had, via Michael Burks, tape recorded me instructing Phil Anderson to find out why the FBI felt someone was going to harm Mr. Hoffman and stop them. The FBI tried to lose these tapes, and on March 19, 2009, actually gave us a witness statement by Michael Burks stating he "did not remember being present" for phone conversations he recorded. Had Burks not bragged up and down the internet, the government may never have admitted them, but in July 2009, the US Attorney's Office finally admitted to the tapes, saying they had been "lost" because they were made by "another jurisdiction."

BURKS: Bill almost told the truth here. Actually Bill sent me a letter from jail basically trying to coach me in what to recall during certain phone calls. The date he gave in the letter of a phone call never took place with me. I was at a playoff baseball game with my dad on that date. That is exactly what I told the DA and FBI in Chicago. I never bragged online. I only admitted that calls were recorded of Bill. Again, I never recorded a single call. The FBI did.

NICHOLS: For someone who claims to have been being held under so many restrictions, Bill White was able to get a lot of communication out of that jail cell. Anyone else notice that?

So the government arrested me for soliciting a violent felony while having private tapes of me saying I did not want anyone harmed and asking people to stop any effort to do so.

In this last memo, they stated they "had not reviewed" the tapes, and thus "did not know" if they contained exculpatory evidence.

But my arrest was the start, not the end, of the investigation.

After my arrest, the government told the world I was a "serial killer," and told the Deputies at the Roanoke City Jail I was a "domestic terrorist." Claiming they had been informed of a plot to "bomb" the Poff Federal Building, I was subjected to coercive interrogation techniques a la Guantanamo Bay. For six days, until just after my second bond hearing, in the Roanoke City Jail I was kept in a tiny room under a bright light 24 hours a day, was denied phone calls, hygiene, visits and sleep (via efforts to wake me every hour) while I was interrogated periodically by US marshals about crimes I knew nothing about. Eventually, those statements will be made public - I implicated no one and confessed to nothing, despite a near-total psychic collapse. (Try not sleeping for six days - it's not good.)
NICHOLS: I don't doubt that Bill was subjected to some nasty interrogation after the phony bomb plot had placed him under suspicion. That would be the status quo for those thought to be terrorists, domestic or foreign, during that time.

It was in this condition I was [indeciph. - dragged?] before the world to testify at my show trial detention hearing, October 22, 2008.

And while I was moved to a segregation unit, I was continually abused from the day of my arrest until December 29, 2008, in an effort to break me and make me both confess to crimes I didn't commit and cooperate against other white activists being targeted by "Operation Hopeful Eagle," the Obama administration's ongoing effort to break the "white supremacist" movement.
NICHOLS: Well...I don't know how to break it to Mr. White, but Obama didn't take office until January of 2009. The measures that he was held under during that time came directly from the Bush Administration. These were virtually the same Special Administrative Measures that Matt Hale was incarcerated under until just recently.

On arrival in Chicago, I was kept five days in a filthy unheated cell, without sheets and with one torn blanket and some ragged clothes, while temperatures went to 30 below. I spent two days in a cell flooded with human excrement. Until December 29, I was almost entirely denied visits and phone calls and kept in strict isolation as a "terrorist." And, I was told if I didn't cooperate and plea, I would face that the rest of my life, as Hale has.

The only trouble the government had is that my charge only carried ten years, but they originally concocted a sentencing scheme of soliciting murder in furtherance of domestic terrorism - which carries a life sentence (level 43 category VI plus 15 levels [?] of enhancement). To "fix" this, they threw at me this second indictment, which I now face in Roanoke. The charges here are mostly low-level, but had I had a guideline of "life" in Chicago, I could've been given the maximum on all of them.

Really, what the government expected to happen is for my arrest to frighten other ANSWP activists into confessing various criminal conspiracies before the Roanoke Grand Jury. While Dan Jones was frightened into becoming another informer (his "" website has been an FBI front), no one confessed any conspiracies. So, rather than walk away from this investigation, the government pulled out "cold cases" they had previously decided did not merit prosecution, and threw them at me. Some of them have not even been fully investigated, and, just a week ago, the government was denied a continuance they requested to "finish investigating" some of the cases.
BURKS: Dan Jones did admit to me he sent a noose to the NAACP leader in Lima Ohio. As for other hate crimes committed, I am not aware of any. DNA evidence also proved Jones guilty of this crime for those who are curious.

And so I sit here in jail, detained 13 months for crimes I didn't commit, and acts that are not crimes.
NICHOLS: And, ya know what is really interesting here is that with Bill White and Hal Turner shut away from a computer, the internet has been a much calmer place to be. I haven't recieved any death threats since Bill was locked up and I have a feeling that the folks in Roanoke have slept a lot better.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to see anyone put away on trumped up charges or jacked up just because our federal law-enforcement agencies don't like them. In Bill's case, however, a lot of people were frightened and intimidated and suffered greatly by his actions both in and out of the movement. Hence...karma's gonna getcha. I'm just not very long on sympathy for this man.

A few other interesting points that have come out of the discovery and evidence in this case:

Mike Burks is the one who suggested to me the "Lynch the Jena 6" campaign. Apparently, this was done because the organization paying him -- almost surely the Southern Poverty Law Center -- felt there had not been enough authentic "white supremacist" opposition to them.
NICHOLS: Interestingly enough, Mike Burks's didn't respond to this statement.Perhaps he felt that it shouldn't be dignified with a response. I see it as Bill attempting to pull another person into the morass that he created and, once again, looking for someone else to point the finger at rather than taking responsibility.

Shortly after my arrest, Maureen Mazzola, an agent of the FBI, interviewed Phil Anderson, the former ANSWP Illinois leader, and falsified a witness statement from him in an effort to use it as "relevant conduct" in case of a plea agreement. Among things she did is claim I had been involved in "over 150" crimes against federal officials and "civil rights" activists, and edit Phil's words - he said I called him to find out if anyone was planning to harm Hoffman and stop them; she wrote I called him to find out if anyone was going to harm Hoffman as I wanted. And so on. We have asked criminal obstruction charges be brought against her and she is, to my understanding, now under investigation.
NICHOLS: Maureen Mazzola is pretty commonly known as someone used by the FBI to recruit infiltrators and "moles." If she did, in fact, falsify anything against Bill - especially anything damaging - then Phil Anderson will be able to testify to that on the witness stand, right?

Now, after December 29, the government's attitude changed towards me, somewhat. I was allowed in general population, given 300 minutes a month of phone calls and regular visits, and told if I'd plea and cooperate I could be released almost immediately. Without cooperation, the government came down from a guideline of life to 30 months. I still refused, and was frequently harassed and targeted by staff, but was not again abused as I had been with the exception of two periods, once timed with the removal of my tainted judge, and once timed with the dismissal of my case, when I spent a week under investigation in solitary confinement for imagined offenses.
NICHOLS: Let me see...that was after Obama took office, right?

In June of 2009, after the Holocaust museum shootings, a round up of white activists occurred, and that was when I heard, during an NPR broadcast, an FBI agent discussing "Operation Hopeful Eagle."

Apparently, the Obama administration has decided to "take control" of the "white supremacist" movement by bribing white leaders to cooperate with the FBI and arresting those who won't. While I was in Chicago, Hal Turner and David and Dennis Mahon were brought in. Hal has admitted to being an informer - it was his reason given for release on bond at his Chicago hearing. Still, he and the Mahons were being held in the same punishment and isolation wing I'd been in. I am told Hal is cooperating and now free. The Mahons were apparently set up by a pretty girl who, at first, pretended to be broken down on the side of the road, then drug them into a conspiracy to bomb her "boyfriend's" house.
NICHOLS: Of course! The Mahon's were set up! Never mind that they have been under investigation for over a decade for whatever role they played in the OKC bombing and other nefarious acts! Sure...Bill, they were set up. They were, after all, such stand-up individuals. This kind of support and thinking is precisely what is going to get Bill White's ass in even more shit.

I am also aware Dan Jones was arrested in September and was released afterwards on bond. He is currently working for the FBI - since his release he has approached and tried to set up Robert Campbell, Chris Drake and my wife (who has almost never had any political involvement in anything).
BURKS: Bill’s wife was very involved with the ANSWP. She took notes at the ANSWP first annual Yearly Meeting and also wore with pride, the ANSWP Nazi uniform.

NICHOLS: There is absolutely evidence that Dan Jones has tried to set anyone up since his arrest. Again...Bill White pulls things out of thin air and makes shit up as he goes along. That's one of the many reasons that he is not to be trusted.

There have probably been other arrests as well I'm unaware of, and there have been minor arrests, such as the recent conviction of Elisha Strom for distributing criticisms of the Botetourt [sp?] County Vice Squad.

So now I sit, four months after my case was dismissed July 21st, and two months after my most recent (and third) release order, as the Fourth Circuit has ruled that apparent innocence is not sufficient reason to grant bond. Dec 2nd we will have a hearing to dismiss my charges and, if the judge wishes to hear additional evidence before dismissal, trial will begin around Dec 9th.

I cannot discuss the current discovery in detail, but I can say that we know all of the Roanoke cases are "cold cases" the FBI decided not to prosecute, and were resurrected in retaliation for my acquittal in Norfolk. In one case, we have a statement from the "victim" saying they were not "threatened" and they did not want me prosecuted. In another, the phone calls I'm alleged to have made were made by Mike Burks, imitating me. In the Leonard Pitts case, the FBI Agent, David Church, testified in open court Oct 19th, 20008, that I had nothing to do with any "threats." I just spent the afternoon receiving documents showing one of the cases was closed at the request of the victim and because it did not constitute a crime in May 2007 - but was resurrected by a call from the DOJ more than a year later, when the Norfolk case went down in flames.
BURKS:I never pretended to be Bill White. When I called people I always told them my real name and who I was. As for Leonard Pitts, most calls to him were done by Michael Downs and Dan Jones if I recall correctly. I don’t even remember calling Pitts even once due to the morons from VNN openly bragging about pranking him.

NICHOLS: DID "call people" at the behest of Bill White? Apparently he DOES have some influence over his people, then?

It’s clear to me what Bill is doing here. I truly believe he thinks his luck of winning court cases is over with. So he has to make himself out to be innocent. Bill truly believes if found guilty, he will be the next David Lane or Bob Matthews; in his mind probably the next Hitler. Truth be told, I don’t think enough people like Bill enough to even care what happens to him.

NICHOLS: It's not that they like him very much or care what happens to him. It's about this whole free speech issue. As to him believing he is that important, he has always thought that and he wants to be assured that he has a support base in all of this. That's why he wanted the letter published. That...and he hopes to put his "enemies" in the crosshairs.

BURKS: If you read Bill’s letter closely you see he is blaming everyone but himself. Everyone is out to get him. The FBI and DA are liars and anyone who quit the ANSWP or white power movement are now “informers”. I can’t speak for Dan Jones, Tim Bland or Justin Boyer. They may or may not be informers. And to be honest, I don’t care. I am not. My life has been good. I have not cared a thing about the white power movement. I have dedicated my time on my family, girlfriend, friends, work and hobbies.

The last time I even spoke to the FBI was around four months ago when they called me. They asked me some questions and I answered them. I am not going to say more because I am not sure if this would hurt their case and to be fair, I am not sure if it would hurt Bill’s case. Even though he is a scum bag liar, he does deserve a fair trial like anyone else.

No matter what, Bill changes his stories. First he blamed Justin Boyer, Tim Bland and Mike Blevins for his legal troubles. Now I am the more popular choice along with Dan Jones. Who will he blame next? Phil Anderson? Santa Clause? Or Mr. Potato Head? The man never seems to amaze me. No one has ever gone to jail because Mike Burks informed on them. People went to jail for their own actions.

Use common sense people. Bill owned his own websites. He posted the threats on Overthrow. Not me, not Dan Jones and not some Jew who was out to “get him”. Bill clearly said to “kill Richard Warman” on both his radio show and Overthrow website. No one else made those comments, only Bill himself. But I guess he will blame me or Dan Jones for this too. Or maybe it was Tim Bland’s fault.

If you are new to the white power movement or a fence sitter, please take my advice – get out while you are ahead. Liars like Bill White are everywhere in the white power movement. These people do not care about white people, more less anything else important in life. Enjoy life. Hate is not enjoyable. Trust me, I spent years hating people and for what? The last year of my life away from this crap has been the best I can recall in many years.

After reading Bill’s myths, I made a decision. Next year I will be forming a Pro-Jewish/Christian organization to fight against and to educate against racism. Kentucky alone has many problems and I can’t sit back anymore and do nothing. I quit the racist world but that proves nothing. It’s time I do the right thing and speak out daily against racism and hatred. That will be the next chapter of my life.

I expect more threats. I expect more online slander. My comeback is simple, bring it on. No Nazi, KKK member or other racist will scare me off. I am back. And it feels good -

Shalom to all,

Michael Burks

So, Alex, I hope some of this is helpful to your readers. The government spent years trying to entrap me, and when I refused to commit a crime, had me arrested on charges they knew were bogus, and then lied to the press to railroad me into detention, where I was systematically brutalized over several months and told the only way out was to "confess" to those crimes I did not commit, and then cooperate and entrap other whites.

Those who have cooperated have gotten bond, but because I "show no remorse," as the government put it in their brief to the 4th Circuit, I am held without bond, because the "appearance of innocence" is not sufficient reason to keep me out of jail.
NICHOLS: While I don't put much past the government, what really put Bill White in jail was his ego. He had to feed it. He had to beat on his chest. He had to be the biggest and the baddest and the most fierce. In short, his oneupmanship did him in. Whether he is acquited or convicted, he has no one else to blame for his current situation. Unfortunately, he hasn't grown up one damned bit through it all. It's the nature of the disability - he is disturbed and has been since he was a child. Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are not "curable" and you don't grow out of them. You just keep being an asshole until someone pulls the plug and puts you where you need to be.

The [? - ihna] has come, and this kind of repression is what black communism looks like.

If you can make any of this information public, I'd appreciate it. I should be out and done in a few weeks, but white people need to know this stuff is happening now.


Bill White

P.S.: I can no longer blame people like Glenn Miller or David Duke who have pled guilty out of fear of the federal government. Nor can I blame those who cooperate out of fear. Under torture, or threat of torture, admitting crimes you didn't commit and confessing to whatever is wanted is not irrational. But those who lie out of malice or for money are very low in my book - and most of the informers on my case were of the latter sort.

I am just fortunate to have had two excellent legal teams and a lot of personal support from so many people. Without them and their hard investigative work, I may have been railroaded for life before a fixed Chicago judge and convicted of these lies.
NICHOLS: He should also give thanks for the support of his parents who he has walked all over for years but who still show up when the chips are down. And...regardless of how you feel about his wife, she has been there, as well.

As to Michael Burks...I hope you are sincere in your recent determination to leave the movement. You'll have to forgive me if I'm a little hard on you or more than a little skeptical. You have dabbled in and out of both camps for a very long time and I realize that leaving the scene is a very difficult thing. But, your girlfriend, it seems, gives good advice.'s wishing you well.

What has become very obvious to me throughout the Turner situation and now the Bill White situation is that Hal Turner wanted people locked up and put away - for a price. He enjoyed working for the Feds and loved the fame and, yes, the fortune that it brought. Bill on the other hand, wants the notoriety, but he isn't going to be happy until someone is killed. Even from his jail cell he's plotting his next move. How many people have to get caught up in this mess before it's all over?

Bill White is no one's friend. And he damned sure ain't no nice guy.


  1. I know the Michael Burks who posts anal-centric comments on here regularly is not the real Michael Burks, but I don't see how anyone can trust the real Michael Burks, either.

    The real Michael Burks was banned from VNN Forum because of excessive flaming and abusive behavior. He kept cyber-stalking VNN activists like McKinley and Colleen. And when Bill White got into trouble, Burks jumped ship on the ANSWP just like a modern-day Judas Iscariot.

    What the real Michael Burks needs to do is get out of public life and activism altogether, settle down and marry that gal he's been squiring around.

  2. I hope whoever has been impersonating Mike Burks on this forum is happy that they are now part of the Bill White case. They might have been already. It's safe to say that they'll be charged with something since they've led people to believe a lot of false stuff about a whitness in this case. An obstruction of justice charge maybe?

  3. Hal Turner has been named as a witness to the prosecution.

    Who wants to bet he sold Bill out for an acquittal.

  4. say wtf you like....fedZOGjewSA is putting Hal Turner & Bill White on trial for mere words..."speech"....which, according to the US Constitution, should be "above the law"....100 yrs ago, none of this filthy ZOG garbage would'v happened...since then, we've been inflicted with the multidinious minutiƦ of nit-picking Talmudic laws...because jews now control most Western "democracies" and jews don't like free speech, free thought, open discussion & privacy...because, that way, the truth can be told about those dirty, filthy, psychopathic, baby-butchering mongreloids!

    the so-called "Patriot Act" ain't worth the shite-paper it was written on and, from my under-standing, many of its provisions have already been declared un-constitutional!

    the treatment Bill White received while incarcerated was, quite simply, fckn atrocious...he wouldn't have been treated worse in Nrth Korea or Cuba!

    but....the 'Kwa is, pretty much, now, in effect, little more than a Third World country can expect its hirelings & thugs to behave like Third World despots...

    it has a Third World economy (no real manufacturing industry, massive unempolyment & homelessness), a lying, propagandistic, Third World "media", Third World politicians (Obama, Holder, Clinton &c), Third World bureaucrats (Rahm Emmanuel), corrupt Third World 'kwaps (who try & 'cover up' hideous hate crimes like the Christopher/Newsome rape/torture/murders), a Third World military (engaged in torture & atrocities & totally use-less in any-thing like "a fair fight"), a Third World "justice system" that tries people for what they say & think and, now, of course, a Third World mixed/mullato/non-white population!

    as has a Third World socio-economic & socio-political cannot sustain its current critical is doomed!

    it is being "held together" by spit & massive natural disaster, one "false flag" terrorist incident, one more "financial crisis", will see angry white men explode with rage & more "speech crime"'ll have rivers choked with the bodies of non-whites!...just like after Hurricane Katrina!

    eminent Russian academician Prfssr Igor Panin has predicted the total balkanisation of the US, along racial/ethnic lines, within five yrs @ most!

    the sooner the better...the 'Kwa, at present, is a totally corrupt, disgusting, putrid, garbage "state" worthy only of total obliteration!

    all the filth & garbage needs to be washed away!

  5. Priceless. Burks is a nutcase. White obviously speaks for himself.

    And very interesting Linder (an FBI informant himself) would publish this right now.

    I still wonder if White knows about Hal Turner telling the FBI that he was plotting to blow up the Roanoke court house?

  6. Now, if White was smart, he could subpoena Burks (if he can do that across state lines, I know White's Dad would have to pay for all his expenses) and get Burks to testify, it probably would help White's case a lot.

    We'll see. It will be fun.

  7. I am the real Burks. Almost everything Bill says about me is total bullshit. I hope he rots in jail and is ass fucked by niggers.

  8. Give it a rest, Burks imposter. We know damn well you're not Burks, because the real Burks doesn't talk about getting "ass-fucked by niggers".

    Every time you come on here and imposter Burks, I'm gonna dog your ass.

  9. It is nice to see traitor Michael Burks work with anti-racists and then lie about his anti-racist beliefs.

    Burks is worse than Bill White. Atleast white has stood his ground and didn't cow down to lick the bootheel of the jewish beasts.

    Shove your "shalom kike crap" up your Barney Frank fudge tunnel.

  10. Nikki needs to stop
    sucking on burks's tiny wee wee.

  11. And...anonymous - you need to stop being such a ridiculous little boy and grow up if you want to play with the big kids.

  12. I suggest you grow a new face, your one hideously-ugly winch.


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