Saturday, December 12, 2009


The judge in the Hal Turner case may have put a gag order on all parties and limited computer access to his son...but Hal Turner is not going to be upstaged by the trial of Bill White - a trial that is producing one whole helluva lot more than Turner's did.

On the Family of Hal Turner blog today, it is promised that a scathing article will appear in the Sunday edition of the largest Brazilian newspaper which is hosted by the New York Times.

According to the report, Brazil is pretty pissed off at the U.S. of A. for sending spy Turner into their country unannounced even though he supposedly uncovered a plot to sell military goods to Iraqi's who were fighting against the United States.

Of course, the "family of Hal Turner" isn't too happy either and promises to put a few more nails in the program that of deception, lies, and entrapment that Hal so dutifully participated in for our federal law-enforcers. According to the blog...

Now that the case against Hal has resulted in a mistrial, with a jury deadlocked 9 not guilty to 3 guilty, even more details of Hal Turner's intelligence operations for the FBI are likely to come out. As we will soon see with Brazil, the scandals and fallout from such revelations will have an effect on the US Government.

We, Hal's family can tell you, there is a lot that will come out. It wasn't just Brazil where Hal had overseas dealings. In fact, Hal had dealings with officials from Great Britain, the British National Party and even members of the European Parliament -- all as part of his role with the FBI.

In addition, Hal performed work for an agent - who will be publicly named - from the Central Intelligence Agency; and was tasked by CIA to do something that would ultimately affect the outcome of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon 19 months later!

Yes, things are going to get pretty dicey when Hal's trial starts anew on March 1 in Brooklyn. Just remember that none of this had to come out if it wasn't for the U.S. Attorneys office in Chicago who are misrepresenting an opinion as a threat and who are too arrogant to admit they made a mistake or to let go.
Now, Hal Turner is a real sleaze - there's no doubt about that. And he has created havoc for a lot of decent people. However, finding out that he did so at the behest of our very own government really does rancor me. Consequently, any pressure that can be put on those who employ such tactics is going to be met with appreciation by me. But, you know, Hal shares in this, as well. He didn't have to go there but he did and he relished in it and made a lot of moola off of you and me.

On the other hand, if I were Hal, I would be keeping a very low profile. Outing CIA agents and international intelligence operations has gotten people six-feet deep in the mud if you know what I mean.

Instead, in the typical bragadoccio style that we have all come to recognize as classic Hal, his "family's" blog continues to run its' mouth to the few people who monitor it. Want to guess who keeps the closest tabs on that screed? 


  1. It's Hal posting that himself from his brother's house, where he currently employed. The judge is too stupid to figure that out.

  2. Don't worry a little birdie told me that someone is sending Hal's judge information about this very thing on a daily basis.

  3. LOL! So that birdie visits you too?


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