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The jury was sent home and the defense will begin tomorrow. Defense attorney says it may only take a day to present his case but longer if White testifies. They are unsure about him testifying at this point - which probably means that Bill wants to and the defense is trying to dissuade him.


This morning brought the Director of Campus Security at the University of Deleware to the stand. Apparently, after reading about a diversity program at the University, Bill White decided once again to insert himself into the situation and threaten the Director of Residence Life. He telephoned her office and spoke with her secretary.

Idenifying himself as Bill White, the commander of  a neo-Nazi group. When told that Kathleen Kerr was not available he instructed her to give Kerr the following message, according to the secretary's testimony:

“Just tell her that people who think the way she thinks, we hunt down and shoot.”

White then published the home addresses and telephone numbers of both Kerr and the university president on his website. The Director of Security was immediately summoned to the presidents office, something he says never happens unless it is a major emergency situation.

Kerr's secretary said that White's voice chilled her and was cold and "dead sounding."



After a full day of testimony, court adjourned at 5:00. The prosecution is nearing the end of its' case unless they decide to call more witnesses in an effort to demonstrate a pattern of actions by White.

It is expected that Kathleen Kerr, a university administrator, will provide testimony tomorrow. At that point, should the prosectuion believe that it has met its' burden of proof, they may rest. In any event, it looks like they will do so by Thursday at the latest.


In the event that you haven't read the indictment, or want to again, here is a link.


"Unfortunately, the days when white men would simply burn the local newspaper and run n----r officials out with tar and feathers are past. However, your incidents give me hope that perhaps we shall see them again." (Bill White email to Charles Tyson)

Following the four hour testimony of Richard Warman, the stand was taken by Charles Tyson, the former Mayor of South Harrison Township in New Jersey.

In 2007, someone defaced Mr. Tyson's campaign signe with racist slurs. The Township offered a reward for information regarding the vandals. That didn't sit well with Bill White. Late one evening he called Mr. Tyson's home. When Tyson's wife answered the phone, the caller identified himself as White who then said that no black man should govern whites, and that he was going to put a Nazi sign in his front yard.

White then followed up with an e-mail. "Unfortunately, the days when white men would simply burn the local newspaper and run n----r officials out with tar and feathers are past. However, your incidents give me hope that perhaps we shall see them again."

Tyson testified that after receiving the call and the email he was "petrified."

As the trial continues it becomes evident that threats made by White were not just isolated incidents. His reign of terror reached far and wide and knew no bounds. One has wonder as all of this unfolds what effect this is having on a jury of twelve. Are they outraged and alarmed by the nature and scope of the threats? Or is this now turning into overkill? The prosecution is taking a big risk here. In the end, the payoff could be big - or disaterous for those seeking a guilty verdict. It will be interesting, however.

Just who is the defense going to put on the stand? Will Bill White, himself, grace the court with his testimony? Perhaps there will be those among his following who will be called.

Today Canadian Civil Rights attorney, Richard Warman took the stand in the trial of Bill White. Throughout his testimony he used strong words to convey to the jury what the threats that Bill White made towards he and his family meant and that he believed that his life was endangered.

“This is publishing a call for my murder, and by extension the murder of my family, to the world,” he told the jury in U.S. District Court in Roanoke.

After the home of a civil rights activist was fire-bombed, White made the call in a chatroom for someone to do it to Warman. White went on later to publish an article entitled "Kill Richard Warman," and to publish his home address and phone number.

Warman said he was terrified. “Any time somebody is calling for your home to be firebombed … there’s a good chance that people are going to die,” Warman told the jury.

This testimony is coming from a pretty tough guy who on cross-examination admitted that he "enjoyed mixing it up with white supremacists." Apparently, the defense believes that the fact that Mr. Warman likes his work, and likes the way that the laws work in Canada, somehow diminishes the vile and  visious nature of the threats made against him.


  1. From Anchorage Activist on the Times Blog:

    "How about dem apples? Sounds like Richard Warman has been doing the same thing Bill White is accused of doing, yet Warman is a free man, while White sits in the defendant's docket. Wonder if the jury will grasp the dichotomy.

    If Bill White is acquitted or gets a hung jury, it will most likely be traced back to the exposure of Richard Warman. Great work by BW's defense team!

    Those not familiar with Richard Warman's sordid track record can review the details at http://www.richardwarman.comhttp://www.richardwarman.com "

  2. I just went to the site Anchorage Activist gave and here is a list of
    fake pseudonyms alleged to be used by Richard Warman in covert operations against Canadians:

    1: "Pogue Mahone"

    "Theres a reason it's called "White" Nationalism and why the founders of NS excluded sexual deviants that are like a Cancer to our movement..." (Richard Warman as "Lucie")

    Warman pretends to be a WOMAN named "Lucie" on the "Neo-Nazi" StormFront.Org White Nationalist message board to post messages.


    2: "Axetogrind"

    Richard Warman posted the following under a sign that read "WHITE REVOLUTION, The Only Solution"

    "I agree. Keep up the good work Commander Schoep! 88 [Heil Hitler]" (Richard Warman as "Lucie")

    Warman pretends to be a WOMAN named "Lucie" on the "neo-Nazi" Vanguard News Network (VNNForum) to post messages. VNN's main page described the site as "No Jews ... Just Right"


    3: "Mary Dufford"

    Infiltration E-Mail address Warman used to engage Eldon Warman and his DeTax movement. Was also used by Richard Warman to infiltrate the Zundelsite ZGrams internet mailing list. [Covert Ops > Mary Dufford]


    4: "Dave McLean"

    Infiltration of Canadian Heritage Alliance mailing list and to order a supporter card.

    5: "90sAreOver"

    “Not only is Canadian Senator Anne Cools is a Negro, she is also an immigrant! And she is also one helluva preachy c*nt. She does NOT belong in my Canada. My Anglo-Germanic people were here before there was a Canada and her kind have jumped in, polluted our race, and forced their bullshit down our throats. Time to go back to when the women nigger imports knew their place… And that place was NOT in public!" (Richard Warman as "90sAreOver")


    On Warman pretending to be a woman named: Mary Dufford.

    It's an account that I previously used to correspond with Mr. [Eldon] Warman. Whenever there were questions about issues surrounding the case, or if there was something that I wished to know more about his theories, then I would simply send him e-mails using this pseudonym account, posing as a supporter of his.
    I apologize for the wording of the initiating e-mail, but I have found in the past that you tend to get a better response or a more rapid response if you pose as a supporter who accepts the theories, or at least is interested in knowing more

  3. Yup, Warman use to hang out with Canadian ARA;and we all know how law abiding they are.

    IMHO,Warman is no victim.

  4. The alleged threats to Warman doesn't rise to the imminent danger/lawlessness test or imminent threat test; what a fucking farce.

  5. short update from Kurtz:

    "WRT Richard Warman:

    On Monday, FBI chief case agent David Church, was compelled to admit during cross-examination, that Richard Warman is indeed a "paid, professional complainer" to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. That is, Richard Warman actually gets paid for bringing cases to the attention of the CHRC. Credit to Bill White's attorneys for that admission. "

  6. Warman isn't on trial. Bill White is and the sooner he is convicted the better. Yes, I am a White racist and can't wait to see that son-of-a-bitch in prison for a long time.

  7. Yeah, you might be racist but if you are against a positive outcome in this case, you are 100% on the other side. My advice? Leave the movement and side with the feds and non-whites...if you haven't already.

  8. So...Richard Warman posed as a racist on racist websites to gain access and intelligence and that somehow mitigates the threats made by Bill?

    How many anti-racists, law-enforcement officials,informants, and human rights activists do you guys think are doing the same damn things? It is not illegal. It is not against any rules.

    Nothing that I have seen that he has posted under an alias is anywhere near what Bill White does. Accusing him of "doing the same thing as Bill White" is almost laughable.

  9. Yes...Warman is paid to do what he does in Canada. How does that benefit Bill?

  10. Nikki - it can benefit Bill because the jury will undoubtedly wonder why Bill White is being charged with a crime for essentially doing the same thing that Richard Warman is getting paid to do. It could lead to a hung jury or even an acquittal.

    Furthermore, Canadian Jewish blogger Ezra Levant reveals that Warman has been investigated by the CHRC for hate speech as well, even though they continue to pay his expenses and prosecute his charges.

  11. "So...Richard Warman posed as a racist on racist websites to gain access and intelligence and that somehow mitigates the threats made by Bill?"

    Well, it goes to his credibility...that's for damn sure. And the fact he was paid by the Canadian government to do some of the same things begs more questions than it answers.

    BTW- I really appreciate the on-the-ground-reporting that Col. Kurtz is doing.

    I think it is a shame that more aren't trying to get the other side of the story out on this case. We see hardly any reporting on the cross-examinations from the Roanoke Times.

    Kurtz, if you are out there and you are reading this: THANKS FOR DOING THIS.

  12. "Nikki - it can benefit Bill because the jury will undoubtedly wonder why Bill White is being charged with a crime for essentially doing the same thing that Richard Warman is getting paid to do. It could lead to a hung jury or even an acquittal."


  13. At this point in our nations history, if race motivates your politics, then you are no different than someone who let's religion motivate their politics. That being said, how the system (that we pay for just like most everybody else) can justify in any way, shape or form, supression of pro-white racial politics is beyond me. It would be just like if the Republicans gained the majority of power and outlawed the democratic party. Doesn't sound very American, does it? However it sounds very Jewish. It sounds exceptionally Communist. Some would say it even sounds Facist. Well, that's what you have here.

    Richard Warman out to be a walking/talking warning to all Americans. This is what happens when they get all the power and there's no constitution to hide under as the federal tear gas falls around you. If the man had lived in Nazi Germany and did his work for them that he does for Canada, they would have hunted him to the ends of the earth after the war. Evil, evil, evil.

    Anyhow, the pro-white movement is turning into the white rights movement. This trial is proof positive of that. I don't dare compare it to the "civil rights" movement because people I doubt you would have see people dragged into court because they "frightened" someone. No, this is a trial to test to see if you have any rights at all anymore to speak out. The point is, anti-racists and pseudo white racists have used these tactics in question without fear of legal retribution for years. If it's wrong for us, then is it wrong for them? After you answer that, then explain your concepts of equality and tolerance to me once again. Explain to me how that idealism, so obviously flawed, should be the new corner stone of the world's biggest money/war machine. Woops! I think I just explained it!

  14. "Nikki - it can benefit Bill because the jury will undoubtedly wonder why Bill White is being charged with a crime for essentially doing the same thing that Richard Warman is getting paid to do. It could lead to a hung jury or even an acquittal."

    True, but it won't help him or anyone else if the public doesn't know anything about it.

    The reporting on this case has been pretty baised and one-sided.

    Where is the alternative media or even WN media on this--has speech been that chilled? Could it be possible they are that frightened to say anything about it?

  15. Richard Warman's relationship with the violent ARA in Canada for everyone to see for themselves

    Some background on ARA in Canada from this informative website:

    "Who are Anti-Racist Action?

    They are known for their violent tactics. In the past few years, ARA has smashed the home of Gary Schipper, attacked the home of Paul Fromm, and have been implicated in stabbings and attempted murders in Toronto. On June 7, 2004, Toronto Police testified under oath that the ARA are "[ARA are] ... quite strident and militant in the way they choose to confront these people. ... It's an in your face type of organization, that my feeling is that they're confrontational..."

    They have pdf's of all of the police testimoney in the ARA's threatening and murderous attempts.

    Don't miss Warman's speeches to the thuggish ARA stooges from the website either.

  16. The ARA in Canada makes the "Nazis" in the States look like alter boys.

    Jeez, Nazis get hauled up before the courts for words while true politically motivated criminals (like the ARA) are allowed to truly threaten and terrorize at will.

    It's a shame the jury in this current case will probably never be made aware of this very painful fact.

    Some citizens in America are more EQUAL than others.

  17. Now, I have to agree that the media coverage of this trial has been very biased. I just commented to a friend that I have read very little about cross-examination. I am dying to see a trial transcript when all is said and done.

    I wish there was some alternative media coverage and am amazed that coverage isn't more widespread.

  18. In order to convict, the jury must find that Bill White issued a TRUE THREAT. The federal definition of TRUE THREAT is: "Inciting or producing imminent lawless action".

    Nothing more needs to be said. We either have equal protections under our Constitution/Bill of Rights or we don't.

  19. "Now, I have to agree that the media coverage of this trial has been very biased. I just commented to a friend that I have read very little about cross-examination. I am dying to see a trial transcript when all is said and done."

    I can tell you with 100 percent degree of certainty that The Roanoke Times is a very biased outfit. They don't particulary care for Mr. White if you haven't noticed. I have noticed on one of their blogs that the reproter has a hard time hiding his contempt in the comments section.

  20. Nikki, you should have gone to Roanoke yourself for the real story, becuase I can assure you you AIN'T going to get it from The Roanoke Times or the hapless TV news departments in that shitty town (That's why, even though he is a racist, I have listed Col. Kurtz reports from the courtroom. At least that's something).

  21. Warman gave FOUR HOURS of testimony and we have heard VERY LITTLE and NOTHING concerning the cross-examination.

    Doesn't anyone find that curious?

  22. The Roanoke Times is a radical leftist paper and everyone here in Roanoke knows it. That is why the paper is dieing and on it's last leg.

    Not many want to read that crap. EVEN when they stand outside of Walmart asking everyone who walks in if they would like a free paper. I tell them to put that garbage where the sun doesn't shine.

    They even cut back all of their staff so they have Fridays off just to try to keep afloat. It's a cruise liner with a gigantic hole in it and it's only a matter of time before they completely sink.

    Their leftist reporting has severely damaged the content.
    Craigslist has severely damaged their classifieds section. The demographics for those who read the newspaper is extremely old and dying. Advertisers know that. And to top it off, there is now conservative competition just getting started up with a small competing paper called the Roanoke Star Sentential. And the Roanoker magazine has gone hardcore Conservative and is basically the sole reason why city manager Queen Darlene Berchum got shit-canned.

    And when the Roanoke Times finally breathes their last breath, I will buy their building at auction and turn it into luxury condos........or maybe a titty bar, tattoo parlor, porn store, regular night club, head shop and casino would be better. It's a pretty big building so a lot would fit in there. I'll name it Sin City. LOL

  23. There was actually quite a bit of cross from what I read, including claims from the defense that Warman used multiple nyms, attempted to stir up dissent, and attempted to provoke white supremacist.

    Who knows with these things but right now, I would say Bill's not going to be nailed on every single charge, but a couple of them might stick, especially the ones where he sent US postal mail.

    And of course, we don't know what the defense will be. If there is little or no defense put up like with Little Harold, that would be a positive for Bill White.

    Maybe a mistrial which will cost Bill's parents tens of thousands more dollars as Bill's lawyers are not pro-bono. Harold was.

  24. Schwartz, I hate to disagree with you, but I think your predictions will prove to be wrong.

    Just like the show trial that is coming up in New York with KSM, they cannot allow BW to just walk...no way. no how.

    IMHO it's a rigged game.

  25. Courts are not a "rigged game" a jury could find in favor of Bill White but they'd better keep Bill off the stand.

  26. Self Says:

    Economy improving, unemployment down, Bill White going to prison! Oh Yes every morning that I wake up and Obama is president is a good damn day!

    If you don't like that then:

  27. Ben Casey's Article from October:

    The Roanoke Times / File

    I have a theory about why Bill White ended up in jail.

    It is my own flight of fancy. There is no hard evidence to back it up. I have had no conversations with anyone in a position to know the real story.

    It's purely a guess, borne from years of covering and observing our criminal justice system, and knowing how some cops and prosecutors think.

    It goes like this:
    It is 2008, a history-making election year. Then-Sen. Barack Obama has captured the Democratic Party nomination.

    Obama has appeared numerous times in Southwest Virginia during the presidential primaries, and now he has scheduled an appearance in Roanoke, the biggest city for miles around.

    Now, there is a landlord/blogger/magazine publisher/neo-Nazi in Roanoke whose name is Bill White. He has a high IQ and (warning: upcoming contradiction) dresses up in Nazi costumes and celebrates Adolf Hitler's birthday.

    Bill White / www.splcenter.org

    On his Web site he posts racist garbage about subhuman "mud people" (the blacks); conniving Jews (tops on his list of evildoers in the world); and phone numbers and addresses of journalists and some non-Nazis White finds offensive.

    He also writes unkind things about other nincompoops in the white power movement who have called White a fraud.

    And he has weirdly dreamed, in writing, of slaughtering all his enemies: the blacks, the Jews, the journalists and others whom he blames for personal and societal ills.

  28. Part 2:

    ...Occasionally, White publishes a four-color, slick-paper magazine. He solicits donations for it on his (now defunct) Web site, Overthrow.com.
    Not long before Barack Obama's appearance, White gears up to publish yet another issue and he once again begs on his Web site for contributions to cover the printing costs.


    White already has designed the cover, and it's a real barn-burner. There's a photo of Barack Obama with a swastika-style sharpshooter's gun sights surrounding his head. And the headline: "Kill This NIGGER?" And he publishes that on his Web site.

    Now, imagine you're in the Roanoke office of the FBI, or the Secret Service or you're a federal prosecutor here. What are you going to do about that?

    Before Obama gets here, you're going to lock White up.
    That's what I would do.

    Because the assassination of the first-ever black major-party presidential candidate in the United States in YOUR town would be one of the more ignoble moments in all of American history, if not world history.

    It would be worldwide news that would dwarf the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings. It would make the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which is still fiercely debated, look like a pimple on history's ass.

    It could ignite riots all over the country, like what happened in the wake of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, and result in hundreds (if not thousands) of deaths and millions (if not billions) of dollars in carnage.

    The name Roanoke would live in infamy.

    And that's not going to happen to your town, on your watch. So you're going to lock White up. Why take the chance?

    As you ponder this question, you engage in a bit of what dramatists call interior monologue.

    What about White's constitutional rights?

    "Well," you say to yourself, "he's got the right to publish whatever odious, insulting, scary garbage he wants to. And he has a right to reasonable bail, if he's not a flight risk or a danger to others."

    But then you weigh those against the harm that not locking him up could cause.

    "Which would be worse," you wonder: "Trashing one neo-Nazi/attention hound's rights, or having this country plunged in a race war?"
    That one is not even close.

    But what if White sues?

    "That is an easy one," you reason. "While White might win that lawsuit, he would be the most unsympathetic plaintiff in the history of federal tort actions.

    A jury might find for him, but they would never award him a large sum in damages. It would be hard for White even to find a lawyer to take the case.

    So you cook up some charges and you lock White up. Problem solved.
    Barack Obama wins election.
    There is no assassination.
    No history-ripping crime in your hometown.
    No riots all over the nation.
    You did the right thing, eh?

    The only problem with this scenario is that, a year later, White is still in jail, after a brief five days of freedom - on bail.

    His federal charges in Chicago have been dismissed by one of those Jewish judges he vehemently despises. Some other charges in Roanoke remain, but those appear headed for the same fate.

    White's a narcissistic jerk and a fool. He has frightened a handful of people and insulted others. His bizarre diatribes have stirred up many but directly harmed nobody.

    He merely calls people names. No sticks, no stones.
    Barack Obama is still walking the good Earth.

    So free Bill White.

    There, I said it.

  29. White already has designed the cover, and it's a real barn-burner. """There's a photo of Barack Obama with a swastika-style sharpshooter's gun sights surrounding his head. And the headline: "Kill This NIGGER?" And he publishes that on his Web site.

    Now, imagine you're in the Roanoke office of the FBI, or the Secret Service or you're a federal prosecutor here. What are you going to do about that?"""

    Your continuing thoughts from this point and on are a little off base for one main reason.

    The head line said "Kill this Nigger?" and one must acknowledge the subhead right below it which I believe said "Negro Deification and the Obama Assassination MYTH"

    And the entire inside was about how the Obama team was drumming up false accusations that he was going to get assassinated by the whites to get sympathy votes. Basically the same thing they just got caught doing when they have been saying all along that Obama had more death threats than any other president and it just came out that that is untrue and he has had NO MORE than ANY other president. Which is extremely surprising considering how radical left he has gone.

    "Obama the Great Divider"

    Now, the reality is that the FBI questioned over half of the regulars to Bill's site. And they did this long before that magazine.

    The point where I really started to see the FBI involvement was when the state of Massachusetts got an independent audit of their homeland security terrorist list and they got caught with a significant number of people on their list who were nothing more than peaceful protesters, Bill White included.

    The state was "supposedly" spending millions on surveillance of all of these "terrorists" and the most interesting thing about it was they were supposedly watching Bill but he didn't even live in that state anymore. Long gone for more than 13 years. Therefore obviously, someones pockets were getting lined with the money that really wasn't being spent and the case needed to be buried immediately. But Bill was being real loud about it and talking law suit, etc. Not more than a week later that independent report was removed from the internet and no information was to be found on it anywhere.

    Within a week Bill was reporting that the FBI was frequently tailing him and trying to get him to talk to them and he refused.

    The FBI was around before for other little things as I recall like the balloons thing they did, etc but after the Mass thing they were on his ass like flies on shit.

  30. """Raoul Xemblinosky said...Courts are not a "rigged game" a jury could find in favor of Bill White but they'd better keep Bill off the stand."""

    Bill would be fine on stand. He is intellectual enough to realize that he shouldn't preach anything to those people. His intentions were not to indocternate but to simply be a voice of those with common beliefs.

    I have been with Bill at real estate auctions, etc with lots of people who don't know him and he is fully capable of acting like a regular guy with beliefs similar to most.

  31. If Bill has any sense he would not take the stand. The FEDS did a very poor job of presenting their case, but if Bill gets up there on that stand, then all bets are off.

    Well, Bill has always been his own worst enemy and has never listened to good advice.

  32. uh...damn!...glad i'm not a "juror" on this "trial"....i'd be bored to tears listening to the absolute DRIVEL that is being presented as "evidence for the prosecution".....a bunch of five-yr-old (white!) kids wouldn't whine & whinge as much as those goober-knackers!

    i'll laff' my effin' TITz off if the jury is "out" for only an hour or so and returns with a resounding NOT GUILTY! on ALL "counts"!

    no white person in their right mind could take this garbage seriously!

  33. If Bill testifies? Oh my god, I'd almost buy a ticket and fly down there to see and hear that.

    Hooch: Bill is a habital liar. The feds don't play, you get up there and lie under oath and they will stick it to you for perjury. I am not going to say Bill isn't intelligent (met the man once) and charismatic but I think it would be a very bad thing for him to get on the stand (for Bill anyway).

  34. Agreed: I didn't consider perjury which would likely happen.

  35. Damn Hooch agrees with my brother. I'd better not tell him that Outlaw is a hopeless liberal who even (at times) gets on my nerves. You guys should have a long chat on Michael Moore. :)

  36. I call it how I see it, that's all.

  37. And I don't have too many problems with Michael Moore other than he is a socialist and has trouble not lying in his movies. But I agree with the basic premise of the health care one he did.

    And as I recall, Michael Moore and I have one other thing in common and that is the dislike for Obama.


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