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This one came as a surprise to some and who knows where it will all end up. I always looked to Shawn Plott as the killer. He was the first one suspected and John Ditullio was the perfect scapegoat. You can read all of the background right here - just type in Ditullio in the search. I swear, there is something in the air these days...

Tampa Bay Online

NEW PORT RICHEY - A murder trial rife with controversy and surprise produced another twist Friday night:

A hung jury.

Despite almost 10 hours of deliberations, the dozen jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict in the case of self-professed neo-Nazi John Ditullio Jr.

The vote: 10-2 in favor of not guilty.

Circuit Judge Michael Andrews declared a mistrial and dismissed the Pasco County jury just before 11 p.m.

Ditullio, 23, took a deep breath and smiled slightly.

"I'm disappointed, but at the same time we'll come back and do it again," defense attorney Bjorn Brunvand said. "Hopefully, this time it'll be 12-0, and they'll recognize that he's innocent of this charge."

A hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday to discuss a possible retrial date.

Ditullio remains charged with first-degree murder in Kristofer King's death and attempted murder in the wounding of Patricia Wells. He could be given a death sentence if convicted.

King's mother, Charlene Bricken, declined to comment as she left the courthouse. Wells left the courthouse an hour before Andrews declared the mistrial.

At the time of the March 23, 2006, slaying, Ditullio was a recruit of the American Nazis, a neo-Nazi group that congregated at a compound in Griffin Park.

Wells lived next door to the compound with her son, Brandon Wininger. Wininger wasn't home on the night of the attacks, but his friend King had gone to the home to use a computer.

Prosecutors argued that Ditullio donned a gas mask and entered Wells' mobile home after midnight. He slashed Wells' face and turned the knife on King, who was trying to escape, authorities said. King, 17, died of knife wounds to the head. Wells escaped and ran for help.

Prosecutors said Wells was attacked because she associated with a black man and King was stabbed because he was gay. They said Ditullio was trying to impress the American Nazis enough to gain admission into the group.

A former group member testified for the prosecution that Ditullio was responsible for the crimes.
The defense acknowledged Ditullio's association with the group, but Ditullio testified that he didn't commit the crimes and was set up by the other members.

The defense advanced the theory that Shawn Plott, another American Nazi now listed as a fugitive, was the attacker.

An eleventh-hour defense witness, Samantha Troupe, testified that she lived in the compound before the group scattered after the stabbings. She said Plott told her a year later that he was responsible for the crimes.


  1. The make-up job to cover the tats that he has gotten in prison costs the taxpayers $150 buck a day. And...they'll come back and do it again.

  2. Nikki, was all the evidence in this case circumstantial?

  3. Pretty much. And that witness at the end really muddied the water. He had the victim's blood on his shoes - but they had walked him through the damn crime scene. They really liked the other guy (Shawn) but the living victim insisted it was Ditullio. I have always believed it was the other guy and he is in hiding.

  4. Newsline.

    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- Misdemeanor littering charges have been dropped against three white supremacists who were accused of spreading racist pamphlets on Coeur d'Alene yards.

    The Coeur d'Alene Press reports that Deputy City Attorney Anna Eckhart says the charges were dropped last week because the fliers weren't any different than any other political handout - and that means they're perfectly legal to distribute.

    Paul Mullet, who was 45 at the time, and 27-year-old Kevin McGurre were ticketed for littering in August. Thirty-one-year-old Todd Weston was given a ticket for aiding a misdemeanor. The men, all from Athol, were distributing fliers that had a picture of a white woman and stated "Love Your White Race."

    Mullet says he plans to spread more of the fliers across northern Idaho.

  5. One more for you Nikki.

    A California inmate who adheres to the white-supremacist Creativity Movement has lost his federal lawsuit to force prison officials to recognize his racial beliefs as a religion. Creativity Movement is the current name of the former World Church of the Creator, which changed names after losing a trademark-infringement lawsuit. of article at link..

  6. WN's are shitDecember 13, 2009 3:02 PM

    We can only hope that he is being repeatedly ass fucked while in the county jail, like what happened to Turner and White.

  7. Harry - that is interesting. These Creatards in prison have been trying to get the court to rule in their favor on this for years.

    I particularly like the 3 criteria that the judge used.

  8. Nikki,

    The man is entitled to a fair trial, and if covering up those tats do it then...

    Also, I read in the media that a witness testified that another man committed the crime.

    It would appear Dittilo is innocent.

  9. Fuck that punk. He got those Tattoos, he should have to pay out of his own pocket no my tax dollars. I am with the guy who hopes he got raped because that is what he is doing to us tax payers. Kind of what a no working asshole like Blevins does to the tax payers when he is collecting welfare and food stamps.

  10. 150 dollars a day doesn't bother me as much as endless government show trials.

    The government wastes money on lots of things. I don't see a problem with taking steps making sure the jury in that case isn't biased against him.

    An appeal based on tats would be a lot more costly than 150 per day.

  11. This case doesn't interest me that much to be honest with you.

  12. There are solutions if the government had the nads to use them. Leave that asshole over night in a predominately black cell block.

  13. Whether the beliefs address fundamental and ultimate questions of deep matters;

    Whether the set of beliefs is comprehensive and consists of a belief system as opposed to isolated teaching.

    Whether the belief system has formal characteristics associated with a religion

    "creativity" meets ALL of those tests....@ least: as much as 'scientology' or 'buddhism' do....and they're classified as "religions" what clearly troubled this so-called "judge" (prblby a kike, to boot!) was the primary focus on the supremacy of the White Race...even though, it's OK for NoI & Judaism to have an exclusively racial focus! rule for non-whites (particularly: kikez)...another, tougher set of rules & standards for whites!


    the so-called "resident legal expert" here; viz: "Schwartzo the kike" should be aware that this "ruling" means 3/5 of 5/8 of FCK ALL!

    for one thing, Conner, un-like jewz and their filthy pets, the nogz, did not have nor could have had expensive legal counsel arguing his case....for another: the "ruling" can be appealed...all the way to the SCotUS, if necessary...with competent legal counsel, "creativity" would almost certainly be declared "a religion" by the SCotUS

    another lie/½-truth from the kike commie pig who "operates" this fckn 'blog! kike cunt....YOU're the fckn 'tard!


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