Saturday, December 26, 2009 we're coming up on a new year and a new decade. Anyone want to share their resolutions (I don't make them), their hopes or wishes, or their predictions? I ask this with great trepidation in view of some who post here - but what the hell - have at it folks.


  1. I predict there will be a lot less traffic to this blog in 2010.

  2. Mike - you not posting here really will NOT hurt this blog.

  3. I predict a lot of Democrats are going to lose congressional and senate seats in the year 2010.

  4. What I ment was that since you won't have Bill White and Hal Turner to concentrate on I predict you are going to have a lot less to say in the year 2010.

    Anyway, it's been real...I won't be posting here anymore.

  5. Attention FBI!! Mike Blevins is posting here! He is now threatening the traffic of this blog and is still celibrating the 911 acts of terrorism!!

  6. Lol!'s pretty much a given that I will always find something to talk about. And, ya know, I really don't mind you posting here. But, please, just make up your mind and light somewhere.

  7. Oh yeah - and now that all of your heroes have fallen, Mike - do you have a prediction as to who is next in line?

  8. Can we have a poll to predict who goes to prison next? I vote Vonbluvens!

  9. I resolve to keep my promise to Bill White. I told him that when he goes to prison I would make his life a living hell. It's just starting.

  10. Anonymous said...
    Can we have a poll to predict who goes to prison next? I vote Vonbluvens!

    Let's not make him any more paranoid than he already is.

  11. DeLorean - his life is already a living hell, I'm sure.

  12. PREDICTION: Alex Linder will leave the scene this year - one way or another.

    PREDICTION: Frazier Glenn Miller will be outed as still on the federal payroll.

    PREDICTION: Stormfront with become further emasculated and neutralized.

    PREDICTION: A new hate group will emerge in the West.

    HOPE: The economy will turn around.

    HOPE: Obama will find those balls he lost.

    HOPE: We see an end to these wars.

    HOPE: all incumbents up for reelection are ousted.

    HOPE: Everyone reading this has a blessed and bright 2010.

  13. I am sure the "next in lines" in the so-called movement will not be prominent on the internet.

    I am tired of the pettiness and hatefulness and I have resolved not to come here anymore.

    Just count this as my last post on the comments section here.

  14. (I would like to add this before I leave)

    Oh, one word of warning to the real WN activist:

    All of the internet movement "leaders" are compromised. Pay particularly close attention to lower level types trying to establish movement credentials. You know the type--"I was the only one around to support so and so...," Associate with such individuals at your own risk. The ones that are most eager to please everyone else is more than likely the next informant (just think Gletty to get my meaning).

    In case you didn't know it--the real movement isn't on the net.

    Take care.

  15. Actually, Von is correct - more and more WN's are finally getting the clue. The internet is not your friend.

    Also...Mike...I think you really need to do some introspection and see what your priorites really are. to friends...don't bit the hand that feeds ya. You really don't need to run those people down who have been there for you. You know who they are.

    I know that you have been fighting a battle and that you are torn about whether to leave or not. It's a hard thing to come to terms with. But, really aren't cut out for the WN scene - and you know that deep in your heart.

    All of this flopping about isn't helping you or your family situation. There is so much more in life. You are talented in many ways and deep down inside, you really are a good person. Instead of thinking you have to slay all of the dragons - try letting that good person rise to the top. You'll be glad you did.

  16. I agree that the real movement isn't on the net. I've been saying that for years. If nothing else, look at the types you run into there. I could name just a few websites, no individuals (largely unknown) that would perminently turn any productive average person away from white nationalism.

    If that is Mike saying how the internet is not the movement, I'm glad you finally see it my way. It's a fast track to prison minus any real effect on anything. Ironically, I would have never gotten into the internet part of it all if a girlfriend hadn't warned me that I'd get in a whole lot of trouble unless I joined a totally-legal only group like the National Alliance. Ha! It's been looking over my shoulder ever since!

    I'm not the answer man here either. There is no magic solution I'm bringing to the table. I can just say that if you want to be involved in white nationalism and do anything more than dabble in it, fake at it, dress up like Napoleon or whatever---be prepared to sacrifice all. There is no half-assing it from this point foward. If you aren't looking at it from the point of view "what can I do that will be most effective before I'm locked up for the rest of my life or kiled," click back on TV, fire up a video game or go grumble at the shooting range (my personal favorite).

    All that isn't defeatism on my part either. Though most don't know me, I've known very little defeat in my life. And I've learned that everything comes at a price. The more value something has, the more teeth, blood and youth you'll have to give up to get it. But take heart. Nature has extraordinary ways of fixing itself. The scraps of what our forefathers gave to us are just about gone and soon with it, all the liberal notions and tolerent attitudes. People are waking up now already and there's still food in the fridge and plasma screen Jew-tubes on the wall. I wouldn't worry too much.

  17. """HOPE: Obama will find those balls he lost."""

    Do you really think Obama got scared and intimidated and is now conforming to the desires of the lobbyists due to this? He lost his balls?

    I don't think so Nikki. Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do. His pocket is being lined just like the rest of them. He appointed over 30 lobbyists to work directly for him.

    One who is elected by major corporations pays them back. And that will never be fixed until elections are paid for by the people.

    """HOPE: all incumbents up for reelection are ousted."""

    America in general has been dumbed down too much to do this. It's always.... My guy is good, it's the other ones that are corrupt.

    """HOPE: The economy will turn around."""

    As long as businesses are worried about what Obama may do to them, they will not take the risk of hiring new people. I have over 60 employees and if Obama cuts out of my lifestyle in any way, shape or form, I will be forced to lay off employees to increase profits and protect my income by making those who keep their job work harder and more efficient.

    I have already had to lay off some due to the economy and Obama knows he has the power to make employers lay off more because of his mouth. So, lack of balls, or he just started thinking? Which is it?

    Hurt business = lost jobs.
    Help business = gained jobs.

    The problem is he is ONLY helping massive multi-billion or multi-trillion dollar companies. He hasn't done a fucking thing for small business. AND SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTS FOR 90% OF THE JOBS!!! He knows that though. He's not stupid.

  18. """All of this flopping about isn't helping you or your family situation. There is so much more in life. You are talented in many ways and deep down inside, you really are a good person. Instead of thinking you have to slay all of the dragons - try letting that good person rise to the top. You'll be glad you did."""

    What is so bad about being proud of being white? You're a bad person if you're white and you are proud of your race? But if you're black and proud of your race you're an outstanding citizen?

    I don't get it.

    BTW Belvins, why don't you start posting with your name so these dipshits will stop calling me you :-)

  19. Hooch is whining again. Oh yeah and he is much to fucking stupid to understand politics or what Obama is doing.

  20. Hooch is full of shitDecember 27, 2009 8:29 AM

    Yeah Hooch, whining crying, making up stories (about him having employees) and generally being an all around bitch. No one believes you Hooch. You can officially shut the fuck up.

  21. my "prediction(s)": many more "Richard Poplawski" (sic?)-type incidents as white men become more-and=more "fed up to the back eye-teeth" with ZOG & its flunkies!

    itz comin'!

  22. De men in de white coats. Keep acting like that, they iz cumming.


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