Wednesday, December 09, 2009


A jury has been seated and will begin hearing testimony Thursday in the William A. White case.

After a daylong selection process, 14 jurors -- all of them white -- were selected to the case. Two will be alternates.

Justice Department lawyer John Richmond objected when the only two black people on a panel of 38 were struck by lawyers for White, an avowed white supremacist.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that jurors cannot be struck based on race alone.

But after hearing from White's lawyers, Judge James Turk said he was satisfied that they expressed race-neutral reasons in excluding the two blacks.



  1. This is going to prove to be a strategic error for White's defense team in selecting an all white jury.

    White's chances would be better with a more diverse jury.

    Mark my words.

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  4. Media is reporting Hal Turner on list of witnesses against Bill White:

    "ROANOKE, VA. — After sitting through his own threat trial in Brooklyn, hate blogger Hal Turner may find himself back in a federal courtroom sooner than expected — this time as a witness in a similar case. Turner was on the list of dozens of potential witnesses that a government prosecutor read during the opening day of the trial for Bill White, another notorious white supremacist. White, who led a neo-Nazi group before his arrest, is charged with threatening various people with whom he disagreed."

  5. an oldie but a goodie story from the Orlando Sentinel:

    Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

    Henry Pierson Curtis | Sentinel Staff Writer
    Posted February 15, 2007

    A paid FBI informant was the man behind a neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.

    That revelation came Wednesday in an unrelated federal court hearing and has prompted outrage from black leaders, some of whom demanded an investigation into whether the February 2006 march was, itself, an event staged by law-enforcement agencies.

    The FBI would not comment on what it knew about the involvement of its informant, 39-year-old David Gletty of Orlando, in the neo-Nazi event. In court Wednesday, an FBI agent said the bureau has paid its informant at least $20,000 during the past two years.

    "Wow," Gletty said when reached by phone late Wednesday. "It is what it is. You were there in court. I can't really go into any detail now."

    Orlando City Councilwoman Daisy Lynum, whose district includes the march route west of Interstate 4, said she wants to know who was behind the march, the neo-Nazis or the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies."

  6. An all-white jury is no guarantee of an acquittal. Don't forget, it was an all-white jury who convicted the Shaun Walker Trio in Salt Lake back in April 2007.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that there's no guarantee that one or more of those "white" jurors could not be Jews. Mainstream society recognizes Jews as white and classifies them such, although some of us know better.

    But some of us are also smart enough to distinguish between Jews like Mr. Schwartz, who is basically harmless, vs. Jews like Abe Foxman, who is considered truly "ovenworthy", so to speak.

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