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The month of December is promising to be one of great interest to those of us who have been following all of the shenanigans engaged in by two of the more notable internet racists among us. Shock-jock and federal informant Hal Turner's trial finally got underway today (story below) and the motion to dismiss the trial of Bill White, the anarchist turned conservative turned neo-Nazi was denied today with the trial starting next week.

As opening arguments were presented earlier today it became obvious that the next few days might be tedious at best as the prosecution wades through what they believe is enough evidence to convict Turner and put him away for a pretty long stretch. This writer, however, thinks that their battle might very well be all uphill considering what has been widely reported to be Turner's close association with federal law-enforcement.


BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Hal Turner, the North Bergen ultra-right wing shock jock and FBI informant, was depicted as either a terrorist or a harmless showman in opening arguments Wednesday in his federal trial on charges that he threatened to kill federal judges.

In his response, Turner’s lead defense attorney, Michael Orozco, countered that Turner was merely exercising his right of free speech when he wrote on his blog last June that three federal appeals court judges “deserved to be killed” for upholding a ban on handguns in Chicago.

“This case is nothing short of a witch hunt,” said Orozco.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Governor-elect Chris Christie said that US Attorney Paul Fishman, who holds Christie's former job, has been subpoenaed by Turner’s lawyers. On Tuesday, Christie was subpoenaed. He said that he forwarded his subpoena to Fishman’s office.

“They’re going to interact with the court in Brooklyn [about] whether or not my testimony will be appropriate or required and so I leave it to them to handle,” Christie said. “Whatever the appropriate thing to do is, I’ll do. Beyond that, because I’m under subpoena, I should probably not talk about the substance today.”

One of the goals of Turner’s defense is to show that federal prosecutors – including Christie – declined to charge Turner with threatening remarks on his radio show or blog. It’s not clear if Christie and Fishman will try to block their subpoenas.

In his opening remarks, Hogan spoke for more than his allotted one-hour time limit and was cut off by U.S. District Court Judge Donald Walter. Orozco spoke for less than 30 minutes.

But, in what may be a sign of how contentious the trial may be, both sides raised several objections during openings.

“This is not just political rhetoric,” said Hogan of Turner’s blog posting against the appellate judges and “is not protected by the First Amendment.”

On several occasions, Hogan attempted to downplay Turner’s FBI ties, which were outlined in an investigative article on Sunday in The Record.

“Hal Turner was kicked out as an informant because he stepped over the line,” Hogan said. “Certainly the FBI was not in the business of instructing Hal Turner what to write on his blog.”

Orozco bluntly disagreed when he rose to address the jury.

“This is a battle over the very right that you hold dear,” he said. “I’m talking about the right to openly criticize judicial officials.”

Orozco described Turner as a productive informant – and an entertainer.

“Mr. Turner was nothing but a shock jock, a radio personality whose hand was guided by the FBI,” Orozco said.

Orozco also in his opening statement said that as an informant Turner discussed “assassinations of foreign heads of state.” Orozco did not elaborate, and he declined to comment when asked later.

After opening statements, a string of FBI agents took the stand to testify about Turner’s blog and his work as an informant. In several cases, Turner, smiling widely, stood and waved to agents he recognized, including the agent who arrested him, and another who supervised him as an informant.

Amy Pickett, now the third highest ranking FBI agent in the bureau’s New York City field office, said Turner was never told he could use violent threats when she supervised him as an informant when she worked with Newark-based Joint Terrorism Task Force and knew him by the code name, “Valhalla.”

Pickett said Turner’s information was considered valuable by the FBI. But she said he quit briefly as an informant when the FBI asked him to remove threatening statements from his blog.


  1. It will be interesting to see the FBI cover their own asses and perhaps outright lie in court to do it concerning this.

  2. No doubt, Christie is asking Fishman to quash the subpeana.

    As much as I hate to admit it, Turner's account of his associations with law enforcement is believable.

    I hope Turner has some blacks on the jury, I believe they will actually be sympathetic towards him, because most blacks realize just how fucking corrupt law enforcement can be.

  3. Nikki, if I didn't mistrust you so damn much I would love to tell you personally what I actually think this case (in particular against Turner) actually means.

    I will give you one theory, which I think is one of the more important ones:

    It is apparent given all public accounts that the agents on the ground dealing with Turner didn’t want to arrest him. It’s also an established fact that at least on the field-level the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI considered Turner a valuable asset. Jesus Christ, you don’t give 100 grand a year to a jerk-off.

    Not going into all details. Nikki, I believe you are pretty smart and I am sure you will arrive at the conclusion that I have that there appears to be, at least in this instance, some sort of rift or civil war going on between the lower level bureaucracies of the FBI and the higher level ones newly appointed at the DOJ.

    Frankly, I am surprised no one has seen it or discussed it.

    That’s all.

  4. LOL!

    One thing for sure--no one will be able to determine which side of the case will by lying more.

  5. Maybe we can all learn a few things from all of this.

    First, threats and intimidation can stay snuggly in the anti's tool box. They can get away with any illegal act against us time and time again. Them along with a lot of so called "nationalist" wouldn't even be doing what they do if there wasn't a no-holds barred attitude in the judicial system against white nationalist. But don't complain too much, it's a revolutionary factory and weeds out the weak-knead that the internet dumps in by the ton.

    Next, if all you have to back up your words are tears and apologies, don't bother---FBI informant or not.

    If you came here to talk, now is the time to leave. The days of getting away with being all talk are quickly coming to a close. Our wise government is making sure of that. Make us outlaws and we'll act as such. That's a social law thats been part of human civilization since the start.

    Anybody he remotely acts like Hal Turner should be avoided at all cost---even by the feds.

    There might not be so many lucky breaks like a clumsy, hardly believable government fink like Hal Turner again. If you trusted him at any point in your life and you walk away free, consider yourself extremely lucky. Charmed.

    The only person you can trust is you. Work on your own even if it means working twice as hard. Work locally and stop relying on people you really don't know for support. You and a friend from across town will get a lot farther in five years than you'll get after your comrade four states over just made up a story about you to the feds and you are facing five years in the can instead.

    Don't work with anyone who dances on the line of legal and illegal. Folks have been known to be snatched across. Don't be shocked if you go over too.

    If you get railroaded for something you didn't do, that's out of your control. Your honor and dignity isn't. You can no more sit back and worry about someone lying about you at this point that you can stay at home the rest of your life to ward of burglers. Which leads too...

    Don't associate with liars. Someone who lies about the enemy will lie about you one day too. Someone who runs on lies, threats, slander and fabrication is a coward. Cowards know very little loyalty. Keep that in mind.

    Notice how men behave under preasure. Also notice how men react to good times. Panic and gloating reside in the same bed. Calm and uncompromising during both highs and lows are good signs of one's charecter.

    Don't count any man who carries a crutch into you battle plans. If he drinks too much, snorts coke, so fat he can barely walk or even a social cripple, leave him at home. You'd be better off by yourself.

    Remember the men who have given all for a cause, no matter if it was one you agreed with or not. Disassociate with men who don't share their methods. Choose your enemies the same way.

    And last, look at the person's life results. A screwed up life will soon engulf you.

  6. DLJ giving a blow by blow here:

    They are unfairly trying to bring up Bill White in this case.

  7. UPDATE!!!!!

    One Peoples Project Daryle Lamont Jenkins reporting from the courthouse in Brooklyn:

    Hal Turner sat before Louisiana judge Donald Walter today and a multicultural jury in a Brooklyn, New York.

    William Hogan presented opening remarks for the prosecution, noting that Turner is not on trial for his views but for his actions.

    Referencing Turner’s boasting about the murder of the family of judge Joan Lefkow, Hogan ran down statements that Turner made about Lefkow and the causes for her family’s death. Hogan stated “that is not political rhetoric. That is not protected by the First Amendment and we will prove that in this case.”

    Turner’s defense objected three times to the prosecution’s opening remarks, claiming that the statements about Lefkow have nothing to do with Turner’s June 2, 2009 arrest.

    The prosecution plans to show that he planned to incite people both through his website and through personal emails. Turner became a federal informant in June of 2003, and was immediately instructed by the FBI that informants are not allowed to break the law. The prosecution went on to say that Turner violated these rules and was kicked out of the informant pool twice.

    Defense objected again at the mention of incarcerated neo-nazi Bill White, which resulted in a sidebar– after which, judge Walter advised the jury that what matters is “not what [the defense and prosecution] say now in opening remarks, but what you hear presented as evidence.” The prosecution explained that White was brought up because Turner posted Lefkow’s information on his website immediately after White posted it on his website; the FBI immediately instructed Turner to remove Lefkow’s information from his website. Turner’s compliance in these requests imply that he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

    When Lefkow’s family was killed, Turner bragged about it and posted info for three other judges related to the Matt Hale case. The FBI again told him to take that down and he again complied. On March 24, 2005 Turner quit as fed informant on the basis that he was upset the FBI interfered with the content of his website. Unfortunately for Turner, being an informant was his only source of income and he begged to come back. In 2006, the FBI took him back on a probationary basis. Again, the FBI warned him not to incite violence, and Turner was again kicked out one month later for promoting violence. The prosecution noted that the times he was fired from the informant pool coincide with the times his website went down.

    The prosecution’s remarks went over by one minute; in contrast, remarks by the defense lasted less than ten minutes.
    Defense attorney Michael Orozco referred to Turner’s trial as “a modern day witch-hunt,” which drew and objection from the prosecution. Orozco attempted to make the point that the FBI acknowledged Turner knows the constitution better than the feds. Orozco went on to say that “for the first time in well over 100 years, a member of the media is on trial for his opinion” and that Turner never had any intent to bring harm to the judges referenced on his website. Orozco went on to say that not only did the FBI approach Turner and direct him to spice up his rhetoric about the Lefkow murders, but that the FBI ended up cheating Turner out of money. Orozco called Turner’s situation nothing short of a “betrayal.”

  8. "the FBI took him back on a probationary basis. Again, the FBI warned him not to incite violence,"

    Does anyone actually buy that? I sure as fuck don't.

  9. This is a recent American phenomenon-- all one had to do to to be financially successful is to become a right-wing shock jock and be somewhat good at it. That was the sticky wikket.

    If Hal Turner could have just found that "balance" and kept the Fed 100,000 rolling in without putting himself in jeapordy.

    I don't like Turner, and I think he is a rat, but can anyone honestly say the FBI is blameless in this instance? They created this monster with the lure of huge amounts of money.

  10. If a ultraliberal ARA asshole did this, the OPP and Nikki types would stand by that person's 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights.

    Fuck, DLJ made veiled threats to the restraunt or those that would have even dared testify against the punks that smashed David Irving's meeting up in Chicago(calling them "nazi sympathizers")--in front of God and everyone on his website. Like the other anonymous mentioned...some folk have rights and others don't, depending on the political bent.

  11. I can't find any documents that say Hal Turner was never paid anything close to 100,000 dollars. Use the freedom of information act and dig through things yourself.

    FBI agents as a rule will not lie on the stand. Getting caught means your job and your pension.

  12. You are all going to be very disappointed when it's revealed in court that Hal didn't give the FBI anything they already didn't know. The fact that Hal has made hundreds of thousands (millions) of White people racially aware is PROOF that Hal's tactic of using the FBI to help Hal's own cause was a total and complete success.

    It was only a matter of time before the FBI/JTTF realized the game Hal was playing.

    Now that they have attacked Hal, Hal will return fire and destroy them. You can be guaranteed there will be a big shakeup in the FBI after the dust settles.


  13. All Hal Turner did was make plenty of racially aware whites think that they could get away with breaking the law. Newsflash: only the anti-racist have an enemy who is tied down by the federal government (yet they still wear masks). The laws apply to the rest of us in full and then some.

  14. Why is Nim starting to sound like that child molesting sack of dog shit, Holsten?

    How is shit, he has always been shit. Soon he will try his way back to prison and get ass fucked by his cell mates. He will get no protection from the white organizations inside the walls. They will be lined up to kill him. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your very short life, Hal Turner.

  15. """Raoul Xemblinosky said...FBI agents as a rule will not lie on the stand. Getting caught means your job and your pension."""

    This clown is a little wet behind the ears and is just pulling bullshit statements directly out of his ass considering it happens all the time.

  16. A large Turd by any other name still smells like VonDecember 03, 2009 8:14 AM

    Post some proof of your bullshit, Von/Hooch/Jew or shut the fuck up.

  17. Yeah wish the trial would hurry up and conclude I'd like to see rat fuck Turner back in jail by Christmas, safely tucked away and being ass fucked by niggers. Hopefully his rat buddy Bill will be in the next cell getting his just deserts.

  18. """A large Turd by any other name still smells like Von said...Post some proof of your bullshit, Von/Hooch/Jew or shut the fuck up."""

    Google it yourself fagot or disprove what I said.

    And On, And On, And On....

  19. Hoochie why do you always post bullshit that proves nothing then parade around like you've done something? You need to face facts boy, you're stupid, crazy and more than likely you are Blevins.

    If you want to disprove what Raoul has said post some examples of FBI agents getting convicted for perjury otherwise you are just full of shit. Case closed, you lose again. Self is belly laughing at you!

  20. We all know FBI agents don't get "convicted" just like Bill Clinton didn't when he was caught lying under oath. He was impeached which basically meant nothing.

    "Self" needs to pull head out of ASS and come to the realization that there are "special" and "untouchable" people on the country and "self" is not one of them.

    Then you can go here to re teach "self" what liberty and freedom are all about.

  21. The case has already rested? You gotta be kidding me.

    Something smells.

  22. Yes, it does - will have details shortly.

  23. "The case has already rested? You gotta be kidding me.

    Something smells."

    We can't have a judge from Louisiana detained all week in New York, what's that matter with you?

    BTW- Yes, it does fucking smell--to high heaven.

  24. Yesterday they were saying that the trial could last for two weeks. Something just isn't sitting right here.

  25. Prima Facia it appears the prosecution was ordered to cut this thing very short. Guess the FBI/DOJ didn't want certain details coming out.

  26. Well...the defense had to present SOMETHING. I keep remembering the Hale trial when the defense attorney called no one.

  27. "Yesterday they were saying that the trial could last for two weeks. Something just isn't sitting right here."

    Yes, I remember reading that too. Looks like someone (and it isn't Turner) wants to keep something out of the public eye.

  28. "Well...the defense had to present SOMETHING. I keep remembering the Hale trial when the defense attorney called no one"

    Yup, most rational people think that...connect the dots, Nikki.

    Like I said, this fucking smells.

  29. Jesus fucking Christ! It isn't even 3 pm and this case has been concluded!!!!


  30. First-Amendment lawyer here. No, Turner has not “crossed the line,” because, according Brandenberg v. Ohio (and other high-court cases), there has to be an IMMINENT threat with an IMMINENT ability to carry it out by the one speaking. In the Claiborne Hardware case, a negro told some of his friends to “break the legs” of white people entering a store. The court said ihat he did not have the imminent ability to carry it out, hence no “true threat.” Turner is bottom-of-the-barrel slime, in it just for the buck. Pitiful? Yes. Thought provoking? Perhaps. But protected? Indeed.

    Even the judge has said that he will likely dismiss the case after the feds have had their “day in court,” without ever going to a jury, for lack of evidence. He should have already dismissed it, however (as others have done in other similar cases), as a matter of law.

  31. Hal Turner is probably going to write a book and make even more fucking money.

    Hal Turner is going to be laughing all the way to the bank, and the feds have no one but themselves to blame for it.

    Fucking sad how rats get to enrich themselves and make fools of the damn government at the same time.

  32. They should start calling Turner the "Teflon Rat".

  33. "This is my life...this is how I make my money!"

  34. Closing arguments will be presented tomorrow morning and it will go to the jury.

  35. It was abruptly ended. The prosecution called six witnesses total and the defense called ZERO.

  36. Interesting.

    What will be the final cost to the Taxpayer for this whole Hal Turner case??

  37. """Anonymous said..."Yesterday they were saying that the trial could last for two weeks. Something just isn't sitting right here."Yes, I remember reading that too. Looks like someone (and it isn't Turner) wants to keep something out of the public eye."""

    Looks to me more like Turner plea bargaining and giving over his list of every single IP address that ever commented on his blog. You still have lots of trust in Hal "The Stool Pigeon" Turner to believe that.

  38. Sounds to me that the FBI made a backroom deal with Hal and the defense. Or maybe just a backroom deal with the defense lawyers themselves.

    Fucking weird.

  39. "Looks to me more like Turner plea bargaining and giving over his list of every single IP address that ever commented on his blog. You still have lots of trust in Hal "The Stool Pigeon" Turner to believe that."

    Well, it isn't a plea deal. That's all we know for sure.

  40. A plea deal would mean he would have to "plead" wouldn't it?

  41. Anonymous said...

    What will be the final cost to the Taxpayer for this whole Hal Turner case??

    Ya know, I would like to know just what this whole 7 year run with Hal has cost all of us. I mean, you know that Turner was having a ball in all of this and he was doing it all on the government's (yours and mine) dime. The rally that he held in Kingston cost the city somewhere around $80,000. Of course, the feds got sooo much info out of that.

    No telling what the trial is costing. And then there's the $100,000 per year for little ole Turner.

  42. Hooch - I'm sure that the feds already have every IP address of those who ever posted on his blogs - including mine.

    Interesting - remember how this was going to be THE free speech trial? So was Matt Hale's. Orozco didn't put free speech on trial except a mention in his opening argument.

  43. Pull your head out of your ass Hooch\Von. I am no lover of Bill Clinton (though in comparison to Bush he was a damn fine president). The Impeachment of Clinton was grandstanding by the GOP. Remember when Clinton lied no one died. The same can't be said for the asswipe Bush. Clinton is remembered as one of the best presidents in history while Bush is regarded as the 6th worst. You tell me, you fat no working cocksucker who should have been impeached. Reagan lied to congress he damn sure should have been impeached.

  44. """Anonymous said...A plea deal would mean he would have to "plead" wouldn't it?"""

    Possibly so. I'm no expert on the legal system as I am not a lawyer, criminal or judge Judy enthusiast. What I was ineffectively trying to refer to were the agreements with prosecution that lawyers make prior to any case. Whatever that is called.

    """Rev. BigBoa@ said... I am no lover of Bill Clinton..... Clinton is remembered as one of the best presidents in history....."""

    Whew, lover of Bill Clinton, touchy when his name is mentioned. And who exactly said I love George Bush you worthless bag of shit?

    I'll bet you even support Bill Clinton for sending just a few of our men into Somalia to get slaughtered, dragged around on the streets, caught fire repeatedly, etc for 8 hours until they died. And then do nothing about it.

    And to GIVE the Chinese GPS technology to actually be able to hit any point within the planet earth with their Nukes, And to sell them an entire nuclear base.

    But I do like that he made an attempt to pay back the National Debt, even though during his presidency he raised the national debt by over 2 trillion from start to end.

    And I do like the fact that he came down hard on welfare receptions like yourself and forced you to prove to the government that you have been looking for a job every week.


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